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Sustainability is a journey not a destination, and we are taking that journey with our customers, our suppliers and our partners

While we don’t have all the answers, we learn from those experts who know much more about sustainability than we do. Our commitment is to keep on learning and to do the right thing to ensure that our products are always Responsibly Made.  

With both a simplicity and elegance of design, combined with careful choice of materials, our seats have maximum comfort with minimum weight. Lighter weight seats are the biggest single contribution we can make to sustainability.

The careful selection of materials, and assembly processes within our factory, means at the end of their flying life, much of the seat will be recyclable. We will also work with our partners to ensure that materials are easy to identify, dis-assembly instructions are readily available, and that as much of the seat as possible goes to an appropriate recycling system, rather than landfill.

We are proud to be the first aircraft seating company to commit to the Green Cabin Alliance.