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Our unique arrangement of centre and outboard columns maximises living space and comfort with excellent layout efficiency and offers a mix of sociable centre seats and more private window seats.

Unum One raises the bar for passenger experience, comfort and refinement. 

Best in class PaxEx

Unum One’s 21.5” wide seat offers superior living space, the biggest bed and largest side furniture of any herringbone seat, all while matching the density of any alternative on the market today. 

Our elegant simplicity of design delivers maximum comfort at minimum weight.

Features and benefits

Infinite adjustment and Zero G

The perfect Zero G position with infinite adjustment delivers best-in-class levels of comfort from our innovative recline mechanism.

Lie flat and relax in a big wide bed

Our seat is wide, long and oh so deeply cushioned, with a dropping armrest and plenty of width at the crucial hip area.

Full height footwell

Often perceived as a weakness in herringbone seats, Unum One’s generous footwell is both tall and wide. 

Consistent PaxEx

Whether comparing A330 to B777, or even narrowbody to widebody, Unum One’s PaxEx is consistent across all seats and all fleets.

Privacy doors option at all pitches

Our full height US Department of Transportation (DoT) compliant door works beautifully on all aircraft, at all pitches.

Large single piece table

Our large, single piece table, deploys effortlessly and slides and rotates for easy egress. Designed for maintainability, the table cassette can be swapped out in five minutes on wing.

Spacious side furniture

We have carefully considered your customer requirements and well thought out space for all your passenger’s gadgets, the side furniture offers a drawer, vanity mirror, wireless charging and endless customisation options for your airline.

For more information download the factsheet

At Unum we approach things differently.

If you’d like to learn more about our company and our stunning new approach to lie flat business class seats, please click below to download a factsheet.

Factsheet PDF

Curious to learn more?

We’d love to talk business about your business class and show you why Unum might be the right fit for your widebody or single aisle aircraft. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to chat either on the phone or via Teams. 

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