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Our product families offer a full lie flat, direct aisle experience for every premium class passenger, and set new benchmarks for weight and efficiency.

Introducing the Comfort Hero

Our patented Scimitar seat mechanism is our ‘comfort hero’ and features in every one of our products. The unique kinematic of the seat delivers multi-layer comfort to the passenger – infinite adjustability, lumbar support when you need it, a fantastic Zero-G and even an ever-so-spacious footwell. 

The seat mechanism can also be changed-out on-wing in under 3 minutes enabling more consistent comfort availability day-after-day flight-after-flight.

Each seat family offers unique variations enabling airlines to tune their premium class product with an optimal blend of guest experience and layout efficiency across multiple aircraft types. Let our expert team commercialise your premium class LOPA.  

Every Unum product is backed by a comprehensive warranty and through life support for the duration of its flying life.